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Utilizing solar power is a great way to reduce those power bills that creep up on your each quarter. If the solar power produced is used appropriately in your house hold or business, you have a chance of eliminating your power bill all together and make money. We use a custom program we designed to give you an accurate representation of what you expect to make per month, and how much money you are expected to save annually.



By investing in a solar system, you have the opportunity to save tons of Green House Gases from entering the atmosphere, which helps to save the planet. Getting solar installed also helps Australia meet international environmental agreements.


Here at Prime Energy Plus, we believe that the best way to ensure you get the perfect system for your property, without any hidden issues, is to visit on-site to investigate every aspect of the system. This will make sure the installation will go smoothly from start to finish.


Hassle free installation by our highly experienced and qualified electricians. We ensure the installation will be booked in promptly so you know exactly when we will commence the work.


Have your say in what gets put on your property. If you have done your research and have an idea on what you are after let us know and we can give you all the information you need. For those who have no knowledge on solar systems, we can give you a range of options to suit your needs and budget.


Micro inverters allow each panel to operate independently from one another, as well as offering online mapping to keep an eye on each panel’s production. Optimisers are a great method to reduce losses if you experience a great amount of shading on your rooftop.


Claiming the government rebate can be a long process that can take months to finalise, so for your convenience Prime Energy Plus can claim this STC rebate and provide a price that takes the rebate in to account.

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